Rigid-Flexible PCB

By combining the rigid board which mounts several parts on it and
flexible board which is bented, layout in the unit case can be made freely.

Connecting by plating without using connector, contributes enhancement
of connection reliability and weight saving.

This leads to the efficiency at the time of the mounting process.
This can be done together with metal board

Rigid flexible board (sample)

Layout freely(Shape of the Rigid-Flexible board)

  • Board to Many Connectors
    Can be connected from main board which mounts parts
    to other connectors.
  • Board to Board
    Bent the Flexible Board and arrange it into three dimension.
  • Laminating Arrangement
    Laminating several flexible boards and arrangement.

Wire harness might be terrible.

Image picture

Image picture

  • Quality Improvemet(No wiring mistake)
  • Total lead-time shortened(processing time reduced)
  • Miniaturized, Weigt-saving

The voice of our customers

  • The number of manufacturing man-hour significantly reduced
    From 80h → 15h.
  • We do not need to care the restriction of the case unit space.

IVH rigid-flexible multi-layer board

  • Combination with IVH is possible.

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