Metal PCB

Printed circuit boards with high heat radiation.

The metal core board and the metal base multiple layer board have been developed
which combines metal with an inner layer or an outer layer.

The radiation and the strength are enhanced by the structural merit
which can install a heat sink directly under the fever part.

High Strength and High Heat-Radiation 【Heat-sink Board】

Heat-sink board (Sample)

It's possible to paste metal of copper or aluminum together only in a necessary part.

It can also be handled to large current by using copper board as a plane layer.

The impedance coordination when using copper board as the ground, is also possible.

Heat sink is installed just below the fever part.

Design more freely 【Aluminium core board】

Aluminum core board (sample)

This is the shape which inserts metal of aluminium or copper between the inner layer.
The through hole is also possible.

Part mounting of both sides is possible.

We offer other materials per your request.

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