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AS9100 Certification JAXA Certification Japanese



Q.Can you design Printed Circuit Board ?
A.Yes. We have more than 30years experience about
Printed Circuit Board designing by using CAD
manufactured by ZUKEN from 1980's.
Q.What kind of CAD do you have ?
A.CR-8000 "Design Force", CR-5000 "Board Designer""PWS"
manufactured by ZUKEN, and so on.
Q.Can you do all the process from pattern designing to part
mounting and inspection ?
A.By combination with our alliance partners, we can accept from any phase
of the process, such as circuit pattern designing
(analogue, digital, high frequency・・・), board designing,
manufacturing, part mounting, inspection, and so on.
Q.Can you do the Simulation ?
A.We offer SI/PI/EMI, Characteristic impedance, Electromagnetic field,
Heat, and many kind of simulation.
Q.Can you design and manufacture high frequency such as
Millimeter wave ?
A.We have many experience of design and manufacture of many kind of high
frequency items including Millimeter wave.
Q.Can you manufacture multi layer high frequency board ?
A.We have High Temperature Lamination Press Machine, by using that,
we are good at manufacturing multi layer high frequency board.
Q.Impedance doesn't match the actual measurement.
A.To correct a difference between the calculation value and the actual
measurement,we have built up a database of corrected figure through a long
time manufacturing experience.
Based on such datas, we make our own correct, and then we realise highly
precise production.
Q.How many layers can you manufacture ?
A.Actually, we have manufacturing experience up to 44 layers.
If you need higher than that, please ask us.
Q.Can we ask you to specify the color of the resist or silk ?
A.We will accept your request.
Q.Can you do mass production ?
A.By combination with our alliance partners, we will accept your request.