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AS9100 Certification JAXA Certification Japanese

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Acquired Certification Standard

JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)

Name of Standard JAXA-QTS-2140/A201、JAXA-QTS-2140/A202
Registered number JAXA-QTA-13-4
Registered date Jan.7, 2002


Name of Standard AS9100
Registered number ISO9001:2008 AND AS9100C
Registered date Sep.23, 2015
Qualified by DNVGL


Name of Standard ISO9001、ISO14001
Registered number ISO9001:2008 00030-1999-AQ-KOB-RvA
ISO14001:2004 00030-1999-AE-KOB-RvA
Registered date July, 1999
Qualified by DNVGL

UL Standard

Name of Standard UL Standard
File numbers E58472 (Rigid Printed Circuit Board)
E303416 (Flexible Printed Circui Board)
Registered date Sep.10, 1975
Qualified by UL